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4 Week Challenge -What do you get?

12 x Small Group PT Classes (3-8 people)

Smaller group sessions with a coach that gives you more 1-1 Time with our Coaches which improves communication, thus producing quicker results🙋‍♀️ (p.s there is also nobody walking around with skimpy tank tops taking selfies.. We’re normal people at Unit 13 Fitness!😇).

3 x introductory beginner sessions

Here we can get to know how your body moves, teach you what exercises you need to do for YOUR individual goals and show you how to do them so you don’t end up injured like you would in a normal commercial gym. Therefore you get stronger quicker too 🏋️‍♀️OH and we get to know you as an individual.

100% Access & Accountability from The team

This means that even when you are NOT in the gym you have someone to reach out to to hold you accountable & ask questions💥

Super flexible Timetable

Our class timetable is super flexible and you can change it to suit your needs as we understand you have a busy schedule. This helps you achieve your target of 3 sessions per week with us here ⏰

Nutritional plan

No more eating plain boring food that makes you crave pizza. PLUS we also love our food here at Unit 13 so our meal plan is easy to prepare, stress free and has no crazy ingredients! 🍎🍑


Again this is NOT a free cheap programme. The investment will cost €30 per week for all of the above and your 3xGroup PT sessions. However be warned once we reach capacity of membership here at Unit 13 we will be setting this at fifty euro per week.

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