8 Week Training Programme

February 1st 2018 (Strictly - 8 spaces ONLY!)

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What is LB 8?
This 8 week intensive programme is application only and not your typical run of the mill PT session. Delivered by LB Fitness founder, Larry, who wants to push a select group of  clients to their limit in search of the best results. 

Whats involved:

  • Day 1 goal setting workshop.
  • 3 x one hour Group OR 1-1 P.T sessions a week at a time that suits you.
  • 24 hr access to Larry, Sam and Colm as your personal training team.
  • Body fat measurements every 2 weeks if required. 
  • 2 x one hour private online webinars / Google Hangouts.
  • 8 week Cardio / H.I.I.T program to do from home (totalling: 3 days in the gym + 1-2 cardio sessions).
  • Detailed tailored Nutritional program to suit YOU as an individual.
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Ti8 2015 results:

Conor Conroy-Murphy: 104.5kg down to 102.9 Leg girth increase (muscle) 16cm

Alan Dixon: 81.5 to 74.9kg drop 18.9% bf down to 11.9

Conor Conroy-Murphy: 104.5kg down to 102.9 Leg girth increase (muscle) 16cm

Mick Keogh: 74 up to 75.4kg 10.5% bf down to 8.4%

Ciarán Miley: 82.7kg down to 79.2kg Bf 17.2% down to 11.7

Shane: 73.2kg up to 75.3kg 13.5% bf down to 10.0%


Ciaran Miley


‘I left my job to try and change career, I was drinking a lot, eating really bad foods (At the time I thought they were good foods)...’

After years of thinking I was in good shape I soon realised I was far from that!! I was at a point in my life where a lot of things were up in the air! I left my job to try and change career, I was drinking a lot, eating really bad foods (At the time I thought they were good foods) out of shape, and my performance on the sports field wasn’t up to my standard because I wasn’t in the right shape mentally or physically. I decided that it was time to change this! I went to Larry because I heard only good thing about him he helped transform my girlfriend who was at a tricky stage in her life at the time and I saw what he did for her so I said it’s my time for change now!


I went into the 1st training thinking all I need to do its train and I will get ripped and become stronger!! Didn’t think I had to eat differently didn’t think I had to stop drinking (I use to drink 4 days a week). I soon realised I was wrong and I learned that myself very quickly! I didn’t want to eat bad foods, I didn’t want to drink all the time my mentality changed very quickly and I was delighted it did!

I had no experience strength training rarely lifted a weight before never mind squat/bench! I came from GAA training background that’s all I have ever done! Larry opened my eyes to a whole new world of training that will benefit me more than the training I was doing! The training was tough but with Larry’s guidance and attention to detail you really do reep the benefits quickly. He makes its fun and enjoyable!! I use to be a man that you actually couldn’t pay be to go to Gym now you can’t keep me out of it!

What I liked most was Larry’s ability to change the program during the course of the 8 weeks to suit each person and to where they are at. It made it personal even though we worked as a group. He would always mix things up you wouldn’t never be doing the same things over and over and over again! And that what I enjoyed it was never boring. You want to go to the Gym in the evening to see what Larry had in store for you next because for me it’s all new all the new exercise all the new stretches etc I can bring that forward and I know it will benefit me for football.

I found the diet aspect quite tough in the beginning I actually didn’t understand a lot of things! Stuff I thought were healthy meals was far from healthy. But I have to say Larry noticed this after week 2/3 and really went through things with me and broke it down and simplified it for me! Now I know the right foods to eat before and after training! This is Huge for me where before this program I would have had no breakfast only a coffee before a match! No I am having 5-6 eggs and greens before a game and trust me you notice the difference!!!

I set goals at the start of the program and I am not going to lie I adjusted them after a week! But by week 8 I achieved these gaols and this was down to the help of Larry.

I have changed physically and mentally over the past 8 weeks. I feel great after it, I feel lighter on my feet, stronger (Physically & Mentally) I have a lot more energy and gained valuable knowledge of how to train properly that includes eating well and training hard! That is all down to Larry Brady!! I have to say I can’t thank him enough and I am looking forward to moving forward and setting new goals with Larry and achieving them over the next 8 – 12 weeks while training on my own.  

One thing that also stands out for me that sums Larry up is that our 8 weeks is over but I always know Larry is at the other end of the phone for any advice that I need or even just to have a chat to about things! Even I won’t be training with him he still cares and that says alot for me!  #ti8

Alan Dixon

“Larry is an awesome trainer, he pushed me all the way and he really cares about his clients.”

'I have been training with Larry the last 8 weeks, doing his TI8 Programme. I signed up to this with 4 friends and combined with the set out program, a good group of training partners and Larry’s expertise I feel I really benefited from the last 8 weeks both physically and mentally.

At the start I struggled to establish ‘Why’ I was doing this program, I was frustrated as people kept on asking me and saying that I did not need to do this and I was in ok shape already. I realised in about week 3 in that the reason I was doing this was to regain the hunger to train that I feel I lost over the last few years resulting in poor sporting performances, lack of training and low energy levels.

I am delighted to say I feel I have gained the hunger to train again and my mind-set has become focused and eager to continue to train. I am really looking forward to taking what I learned from Larry and applying it to training in the New Year, this is a great stepping stone and I believe will be a great platform for future success.

Larry is an awesome trainer, he pushed me all the way and he really cares about his clients. I have previously let sporting injuries get in my way when it comes to training, I had a pre-existing shoulder injury and half way through the programme I suffered a bad tackle to my leg which I thought would prevent me from progressing with my squats and other leg work, however Larry was great at coming up with alternatives to ensure the injuries would not prevent me this time! His knowledge of exercises are fantastic and he displayed these by introducing new exercises and keeping the training fresh.

The programme is very intense in a good way with training 4 days a week and a strict diet. The diet change was very difficult at the start but after a while I got used to it. To get the most out of this I needed to be committed and prepared to make major changes and sacrifices. Over the 8 weeks each meal was high in nutritional value my sleep duration increased and alcohol was cut back to an absolute minimum.

We set out personal targets at the start of the program such as Squat 90KG/Bench-press 70KG/Lose 5KG/Lose 8% Body fat. I am delighted to say I smashed all these targets except for my bench-press which I just fell short as I hit 67.5KG, but as Larry says “It’s not a failure, just a new challenge to overcome”

Overall I am delighted with my results and the biggest change I am happy with is my mind-set. I am much more aware of nutrition and its importance. Larry helped out with this by answering all our questions. He really goes the extra mile to ensure his clients get the most out of TI8. The training has had a really positive effect on my life, my outlook is brighter and I feel happier and more confident.

I will be training again with Larry in the New Year and would definitely recommend him, top man and an excellent trainer. Keep up the good work

Shane Lindsay

“All I want is a six pack and to look like a fitness model”

This was my mentality before beginning the Ti8 transformation with Larry. Now that I have finished, my mentality has drastically changed and I have finally understood how to enhance your health and fitness is a realistic and honest way, what it takes to hit your goals and most importantly; to enjoy the ride. Never once did I wish for shortcuts, but why would I have had? I enjoyed the course too much to even fathom the thought!

Before I started, I was an unmotivated, regular dude. I truly was “average” personified. Two GAA training sessions a week and a match at the weekend was the extent of my training in addition to eating whatever I desired coupled with excessive drinking on the weekend. I weighed 72kg and had a body fat percentage of 13.5%. I could squat 60kg and bench 45kg.

Starting the transformation with Larry as well as the overall change in my lifestyle sparked excitement and nervousness within me. Fortunately, Larry was professional in his approach, sociable in his manner and reassuring when teaching his methods which instilled a lot of confidence within me. Throughout my journey, I've learned that all people have different goals, physiques and diets. Larry is very flexible and can tailor his methods and practices to accommodate your personal journey.

I was accompanied by 4 close friends throughout my journey. The comradery I experienced was incredible. A true sense of togetherness was exercised. Larry was the glue in the operation and enhanced the enjoyable aspect of the experience in addition to getting all the hard work done.

Now after completing the 8 week programme, I don’t want to stop! I genuinely do not feel average any more. I feel above that. I accomplished something that not everyone can do. It isn't a short term transformation in my eyes, it is a stepping stone to a long term better YOU! After only 8 weeks I weighed 75kg with a body fat percentage of 10%. I can squat 95kg and bench 60kg. The euphoria I felt when I exceeded my goals was incredible. This was all thanks to Larry’s guidance and passion. He went above and beyond when assisting me on my journey.

On my present reflection, I cannot recommend Larry’s services more if I tried. My whole attitude has changed. I feel mentally stronger in addition to the by-product of feeling physically stronger too.

I now ask myself, what goals will accomplish this time next year? I cannot wait to see what the answers will be!

Michael Keogh

‘Larry made what I didn't think was possible happen.’

When I began training with Larry, I had been trying to train regularly but because of work and a bad back injury I was lacking motivation and felt I had no real structure to my training. When I started the 8 week programme I was nervous that my injury would hold me back and I wouldn't be able to keep up with the other lads. Larry put me in touch with a great physio he knew and the combination of physio and his constant coaching means my back is stronger than it has been in years. He made changes to my programme so I could still train even with my injury allowing me to get results without pain that I had constantly when training beforehand.

The training is tough but always interesting and Larry makes sure you are doing it correctly and always has time to answer any question you may have. I found the diet tough at the start but with Larry's advice and encouragement I changed a lot of eating habits including cutting down on alcohol and eating a better breakfast, which I think made a huge difference. The support through the 8 weeks made it a lot easier to stay on track and Larry was always there with any questions we had or offering new recipes to keep the food interesting.

Larry’s ability to change the program during the course of the 8 weeks to suit each person and the enthusiasm and motivation which he brought to every session was what I liked most. Overall I am happy with the results but the main thing for me going into the programme was to get my back strong and Larry made what I didn't think was possible happen. He has brought back my passion for training and has encouraged me to do a PT course myself which I wanted to do years ago but lost the drive to do because of my injury. I am looking forward to the new year and taking everything I have learned from him and continuing to learn and progress. The question I have been asked most is if I would recommend Larry, and I can say that I 100% would and if I had the chance to go back and do it again I wouldn't hesitate in the slightest. I would say to anyone thinking of looking for guidance in their training to get in touch with Larry as they wont regret it.