The Magic Formula For Staying Motivated 😕😟

It’s 5 o’clock and you’re on your way home.

You had a long day. 😴

You didn’t have a great sleep because you were anxious about the long day.

You’re tired, stressed and completely unmotivated to go to the 7:15 class that you booked in for.😥

But this isn’t the first time. Nearly everyday is a “long day”. 👎🏻

You could skip this one class, but you know you’re going to feel the exact same way tomorrow and the next day and the next.

So, how do you stay motivated to work out? 🤔


I’ve heard a lot of people say that it’s not about motivation. It’s about discipline.

But nowadays we spend 80% of our time disciplining our minds that we just don’t have any motivation left to discipline our bodies.

We use up all our energy on work, family and relationships by doing things we don’t really want to do but feel obligated to do.

So much so that we have no energy left to spend on ourselves.

This is a very common issue. Therefore, I would like to offer a few tips on how you can overcome this and get your health and wellbeing back on track.

1. Take it one step at a time.

Stop overthinking it. All you have to do is show up.

Getting to the gym is a success in itself and you should reward yourself. We don’t reward ourselves enough during the journey.

It’s not about the end goal. It’s about all the little things you did along the way, like showing up.

Once you get there just relax. The first 40 minutes of unit 13 classes are done at your own pace. You have the exercises you need to do and you can do them in whatever way you like.

Allow yourself to do a rep less if your body is too tired. Take a longer break in between sets.

Just take each bit one step at a time and listen to your body throughout. Don’t overthink it.

The only judgement you will receive is from yourself. So allow yourself to be in a judgement free zone.

2. Stop being so hard on yourself.

Of course you don’t want to go to the gym after a long hard day so you can spend an hour mentally beating yourself up about how bad you’re doing.

Pushing yourself to do exercises your body isn’t capable of.

Burning every last bit of energy, which will make getting up for work the next day near impossible.


This is not what a workout should entail.

After a long hard day our bodies crave compassion. But it also craves movement.

By showing up to a gym class you are doing something incredible for your body – you are training your energy systems so you don’t get as tired and your building your muscles so you become STRONG.

So BE PROUD after every single rep, every single set.

Even if you only do one set because at one point you weren’t going to come at all so one set is a MASSIVE achievement.

Maybe next time you come you’ll do two.

3. Talk to the coaches.

They know what it’s like. Everyone has off days… weeks… months… even years.

Letting them know how your feeling means they can work with you, meet you where you’re at.

When it comes to the conditioning at the end they can give you lighter exercises, longer breaks or just do something fun to cheer you up.

They can only serve you if you’re honest with them so don’t be afraid to speak up.

The coaches come to these sessions because they want to help you in every way they can so use that to your advantage.

4. Listen to your self-talk.

“The words you speak become the house you live in” – Hafiz.

Here’s a little task for you. Go to someone you know and ask them to put their arm out to the side.

Then ask them to think about a time they were insanely happy. Maybe a huge event in their life, a big accomplishment…

After they are in that moment again, truly tapping into how they felt, try to push their arm down. Test their strength.

Now ask them to think about a time they were really sad - the worst moment in their life.

Test their strength again. Does their arm stay up?

How we feel determines how strong we are and the words we say to ourselves, will determine how we feel.

You cannot expect to have the energy to go to the gym and lift heavy weights if you are in a negative mind-set.

The beauty of being in such a mind-set though, is that you have the power to come and go whenever you please.

Take five minutes at some point in your day and think nice things about yourself. Create a mantra.

Say this mantra throughout the day, on the way to the gym class and during.

Use this mantra as a weapon to fight against the darkness and give yourself permission to live in a house filled with light.

I hope this helps you stay motivated this week. Remember it's not about the workout itself, it's just about the consistency.

Here's a motivational video that explains that point a lot better than me. Enjoy(:
Simon Sinek: Consistency

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Written by Unit 13 blogger and Personal Trainer Ciara Glover.

Larry Brady