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What you get on the program….

❤️️ One body diagnostic session (Worth over €50)

During this session we will assess your movement and design your program specifically for your body.

By having a program tailored to your movement you see faster results, and are protected from painful injuries.

❤️️ 12 Small Group Training Sessions (Worth over €200)

These focused sessions are where we will show you exactly how to exercise to get in amazing shape.

Classes are tailored to your fitness and experience level - even if you have never trained in a gym before you will be able to get started, become fitter, and drop clothes sizes.

Because they are group classes, you will surrounded by women just like you, on the same fitness journey.

❤️️ Complete Nutrition Plan (Worth over €100)

We show you exactly what to eat. You get exact meals that are delicious to eat and easy to prepare. This makes losing weight and getting fit enjoyable, and confusion-free.

❤️️ Guides and Game Plans For Every Situation (Worth over €50)

At Unit 13, we understand life happens and balance is important. This is why we are handing you our best guides and plans for tricky life situations that derail most diets. This allows you to have a social life and lose inches from your waist at the same time.

What other women are saying about Project Reboot & Unit 13

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“My muscle’s have gone back 20 years. I feel SO much better than I did before, I have much more energy.

There’s nothing about this program I wouldn’t recommend. It’s fantastic!”

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“I’ve lost just over 8kg, and my clothes are starting to get loose. I have more energy now than before and feel fantastic.

As soon as I started, I was hooked. Working in such small groups means you get to know people and can support each other.” - Rebecca