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Darragh Fitzgerald

'After a long summer away drinking and eating my way across south east Asia I arrived home feeling lethargic, unhealthy and dost definitely looking a bit chubby. 

I made a promise to get back intro shape, however I was a bit lost as to where to begin. So I contacted Larry about devising a plan for my “transformation”.

What I liked about Larry from the beginning was his enthusiasm and motivation which he brough to every session with me. But most important for me was the fact that everything I was doing was personalised. Every part of my programme from the diet to the training was specifically set out for me, allowing me to get the gains which I think (& hope) are very visible in the shortest time frame possible. 

As a Doctor in town I haven’t always got the most free time to play around with. However, Larry devised a plan that allowed me to fit exercise into my hectic schedule. No gm session ever lasted more than 45 mins. I am not going to say it was awards east but lacks guidance and counsel were paramount to my results. As a man who loves nothing more than to gorge on food and eat out Larry str me some strict yet very tasty guidelines that made food enjoyable. I still enjoyed a few drinks (a hangover is no excuse not to train it seems…) and nights out with my friends I definitely didn’t go into hibernation for the 8 weeks!

I can’t than Larry enough for his help in achieving my goals and being a big driving force behind my transformation. I would highly recommend anyone wanting to get into shape or even into better shape to give Larry a call and work with him to help him make the difference for you like he did for me.'

I can’t thank Larry enough for his help in achieving my goals and being a big driving force behind my transformation.
— Darragh Fitzgerald

Lorna Begley,

I was shocked when they said eat more... and I then felt better!
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Margaret Brady

'Never inside a gym in my life. Encouraged by Larry, I decided to give LB Personal Training/Fitness a go. That was the end of January and now its July and i am training with Larry 3 times a week and loving it.

It would be a waste of money for me to become a member of a gym as I would never push myself the way Larry pushes me. I would never even dream of attempting some of the exercises I can now do. Starting off I was worried as I do have arthritis in my knees and ankles. However my joints and body now feel better than ever before!!!

I can now Deadlift 50kg for 10 reps, I’m 59 years old and I weigh 57.2kg. My attitude has changed from “I cant do that!” to, now encouraged by Larry, “I cant believe I just did that!”

Age is no barrier!!!

Great Trainer and motivator.'

My attitude has changed from “I cant do that!” to, now encouraged by Larry, “I cant believe I just did that!”
— Magaret Brady

John Hartnett

I can genuinely say its a service that I have never experienced!
— John Hartnett
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Sorcha O'Higgins

'I first approached Larry towards the end of April 2014 just expressing interest and looking for more information regarding his pt programmes. I was always an active person and keen runner but unfortunately suffered an injury that was unshakeable for the best part of three years. I had just left a difficult job and had also been diagnosed with coeliac disease so to be honest I didn’t have much control over anything at this point and was both physically and mentally exhausted. It took me another two months before I actually bit the bullet and went for a consultation with Larry and haven’t looked back since. I cannot express just how much gratitude I have for Larry. He completely helped me turn things around to a point I never thought I would see again. 

Larry as a personal trainer has such a positive can do attitude. I never left the gym with him without feeling some sort of achievement and let’s be honest whether you’re learning to squat 10kg or 100kg you still feel pretty badass afterwards. Larry can see your potential way in advance of anything you thought possible and this is hugely evident in his personalised training plans. I also cannot rate his nutritional plans and advice enough. I think one of Larry’s most hated words is “dieting” .I had conversations with him on many occasions on how I should be eating more...yes I said MORE! He never turned around and said no you can’t eat this or don’t eat that but made recommendations on the best way to fuel your body to maximise energy levels and improve your overall health and well being. I tell no word of a lie when I say I still eat some form of chocolate every day. 

Regardless of whether you’re a size 8 or 18, a fitness fanatic or someone just starting out we know what it’s like to look in the mirror and not like what we see. In the beginning Larry advised me to take a few pictures to document the beginning of my journey with him. Needless to say I now regret not doing it but I honestly did not have it in me at the time. There’s still ongoing changes, there always will be, but not only do I know where my hamstrings are I can actually see them and same can be said for my biceps and a few abs creeping in there too ☺.

Training with Larry becomes addictive and there was nothing I looked forward to more after a long day in work than hitting the gym with him and my training buddies.

I think one of the biggest testaments to Larry is that I had to put aside my training with him a couple of months ago, as I moved to the UK to go back to college, and 8 weeks on I’m still continuing our programme and training hard. His support and encouragement are second to none and he genuinely wants what is best for you both in and outside of the gym. He is pretty much there for you 24/7. 
I have recommended Larry to my friends and family and will continue to do so. If you are in anyway considering making a change or even just want to discuss your goals pick up the phone/give Larry an email and like myself you won’t look back!'

Training with Larry becomes addictive and there was nothing I looked forward to more after a long day in work than hitting the gym with him and my training buddies.
— Sorcha O'Higgins
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Alan Dixon

'I have been training with Larry the last 8 weeks, doing his TI8 Programme. I signed up to this with 4 friends and combined with the set out program, a good group of training partners and Larry’s expertise I feel I really benefited from the last 8 weeks both physically and mentally.

At the start I struggled to establish ‘Why’ I was doing this program, I was frustrated as people kept on asking me and saying that I did not need to do this and I was in ok shape already. I realised in about week 3 in that the reason I was doing this was to regain the hunger to train that I feel I lost over the last few years resulting in poor sporting performances, lack of training and low energy levels.

I am delighted to say I feel I have gained the hunger to train again and my mind-set has become focused and eager to continue to train. I am really looking forward to taking what I learned from Larry and applying it to training in the New Year, this is a great stepping stone and I believe will be a great platform for future success. 

Larry is an awesome trainer, he pushed me all the way and he really cares about his clients. I have previously let sporting injuries get in my way when it comes to training, I had a pre-existing shoulder injury and half way through the programme I suffered a bad tackle to my leg which I thought would prevent me from progressing with my squats and other leg work, however Larry was great at coming up with alternatives to ensure the injuries would not prevent me this time! His knowledge of exercises are fantastic and he displayed these by introducing new exercises and keeping the training fresh.

The programme is very intense in a good way with training 4 days a week and a strict diet. The diet change was very difficult at the start but after a while I got used to it. To get the most out of this I needed to be committed and prepared to make major changes and sacrifices. Over the 8 weeks each meal was high in nutritional value my sleep duration increased and alcohol was cut back to an absolute minimum. 

We set out personal targets at the start of the program such as Squat 90KG/Bench-press 70KG/Lose 5KG/Lose 8% Body fat. I am delighted to say I smashed all these targets except for my bench-press which I just fell short as I hit 67.5KG, but as Larry says “It’s not a failure, just a new challenge to overcome” 

Overall I am delighted with my results and the biggest change I am happy with is my mind-set. I am much more aware of nutrition and its importance. Larry helped out with this by answering all our questions. He really goes the extra mile to ensure his clients get the most out of TI8. The training has had a really positive effect on my life, my outlook is brighter and I feel happier and more confident.

I will be training again with Larry in the New Year and would definitely recommend him, top man and an excellent trainer. Keep up the good work!'

Larry is an awesome trainer, he pushed me all the way and he really cares about his clients.
— Alan Dixon
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Niamh Burns

'I decided to meet with Larry from lb fitness at the end of January 2016. My weight has always been an issue however over Christmas and New Years I seem to just lose all self control and my weight shot up. I was uncomfortable and self conscious. I knew a few people who had great results working with Larry so I went for a consultation at lb fitness. Walking in the door that first day I felt nervous but as soon as I met larry I felt at ease we sat and talked about what brought me to him, what I felt had got me to where I was and what I wanted to change in the future. I liked how he viewed weight loss as more than just diet and exercise but also took a strong view on mindset, relaxation and changing habits slowly with no drastic measures. I decided to go with private pt as with my hours nursing I wouldn't always be able to make the semi private classes. From my first pt session to now I have loved everyone yes they have been tough and I sometimes felt like I might just fall over but each and every single one has shown me how strong I can be and that I have the ability to push through anything and come out the other side better and fitter! I injured my hip after about 2 months and wasn't able to train for just over 3 weeks this was extremely hard for me as I was just after finding my rhythm. I was very concerned at the time that this was going to derail me and I wouldn't be able to get back in the mindset and focus I had before. However knowing I had Larrys support and the tools I had learned up to then I managed to keep focused and as a result my weight remained stable. Larry found me a physio and was in touch with me while I was recovering from the injury and as soon as I was ready to get back to training he was there with a suitable exercise plan for me and adapted everything to my new needs.

All I can say about Larry is that if you give him 110% he will give all of it back to you.

He is a brilliant trainer who knows his craft so well and I am unbelievably grateful that I found him and thankful for the changes that he has helped me to make.'

All I can say about Larry is that if you give him 110% he will give all of it back to you.
— Niamh Burns

Ciara Sheridan (Mother of two)

"Larry kept me fit and strong throughout my twin pregnancy. At every stage he adapted my workout to my condition, accommodating my many complications (including not being able to walk from 17 wks into the pregnancy) and ensured the work we did pushed me but kept me and my babies safe.


My doctors and physiotherapist were delighted that despite being fairly immobile that I was able to work out and in particular keep my back strong throughout the pregnancy - it was the one part of me that really didn't suffer! 


I would 100% recommend Larry Brady for personal training, in particular while pregnant - he really did make sure I got a good workout without pushing me beyond my capacity. I worked out with Larry up to the week before my twin babies were born and it was the best thing I could've done."


Hannah McInerney - Company Manager

'On a number of occasions I have struggled significantly with juggling my work load, training and personal life...

Read Hannahs testimonial below of her experience:

'...I first approached Larry in August 2015, I had just returned home from holidays and while abroad I realized I wanted to adjust my life regarding my health and fitness. I have always been somewhat “fit” but I would’ve never considered myself lean or in exceptionally good shape fitness wise. I wanted to get lean and look lean. I wanted to learn how to actually go to the gym by myself confidently, as well as knowing how to approach the barbell and do different lifts such as squats, deadlifts & benching without feeling like and idiot and actually getting the results I wanted from those lifts.

I had been a part of numerous gyms before I met Larry and his team. I would get the standard introductory gym programme and be sent on my merry way. I usually never stuck to them and typically only went every now and again as I would be afraid to perform some of the workouts due to the fact I was only shown how to do the lifts or machines once/twice. I was never shown how to engage the specific muscle groups that were specific to the machine or lift I was performing, resulting in the lack of results and my uncommitted nature towards the gym then.

Meeting Larry for the first was exciting and a little nerve wrecking. I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into but I was looking forward to committing to the Strength Camp at that time and working on my goals of becoming leaner and healthier
Larry was very attentive in relation to my personal goals and my own wellbeing. The first impression that I got from him was that him and his team really cared about their clients both in training and outside of training.

Larry was very understanding of my situation regarding working full time and being a part time student in UCC, so we worked around the weekends I was in Cork by him showing me, prior to my departure, the movements and techniques I needed for the session I would do in the gym while I was down in Cork.

Training with Larry and the team has totally changed my life in so many regards. I have the confidence now to go and do a work out by myself knowing I am activating the right muscle groups and maintaining the correct positions/postures of the different lifts required, I did a number of months with Larrys online programme due to a heavy work load and I still maintained reasonable results training this way because of the way Larry trained me initially.

Back to the summer of 2015, one of the goals I wanted to achieve was to be healthier. I wanted to learn more about food & nutrition and what food is good, bad and indifferent for people. Since I started I have become more food conscious in relation to the foods I am putting into my body pre-training, post training and on non-training days. Food is so important in an active lifestyle, as well as an non-active lifestyle. With a degree of Food Science so closely in my grasp, the information I received from the guys in relation to nutrition is all based on scientific information and data from current scientific journals, don’t worry I’ve checked up on them :DWith such a busy lifestyle like mine, if I didn’t have the LBPT guidance regarding training and nutrition I definitely wouldn’t have met any of my goals.

I started to struggle recently in training due to a heavy work load, college demands and recommitting to camogie. Sessions were beginning to be missed, which meant goals were slipping away. However, Larry readjusted my programme to cater to my current lifestyle of work, training, camogie and college, where I am still able to commit to 2 good gym sessions a week and still manage to have some me time in between all the other madness. . I’m still here nearly 2 years later thanks to Larrys numerous programme adjustments and tailorings.

On a number of occasions I have struggled significantly with juggling my work load, training and personal life. My anxiety regarding everything in my life has crept up on me a number of times, and there has been instances where I’ve been glued to my couch after work with overwhelming anxious thoughts and emotions. I would contact Larry saying im having a rough day and didn’t think id make the session, as the thought of doing anything let alone going to the gym was beyond me at those particular moments. Larry would always write back hoping everything was ok and offering a chat if I needed it. On 1 or 2 instances, his obvious kindness and approachability came through when he offered to “just come up for a chat, and you can see how you feel and decide if you want to train or not afterwards” worked miracles, I always ended up training after a supportive chat with him. Larry’s attitude towards his clients is something I have never seen before. He cares for the overall wellbeing and health of his clients both physically and mentally. This is why I would recommend Larry and his to team to anyone.