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Step 1: FREE Consultation

Here we chat about your goals and how we may be able to help you utilising our various programmes.

The movement assessment is to demonstrate to you what your specific needs are to exercise in order to reduce pain, move better and perform exercises that are required for your goals. We want to see how your body moves so we can taylor your personal programme for you as an individual.  

Step 2: Introduction Programme

Once this screening process happens we can then decide if you require some specific 1-1 work with one of our coaches. 

We find that not everyone needs this. However if we feel that you need these 1-10 sessions in order for your long term health we will insist you do them for your wellbeing and health and so you get the best opportunity for success.

Step 3: Start a Programme

Personal Training OR Semi Private Personal Training

We believe in our Semi Private Personal Training as it allows for a more flexible timetable for the individual while working in a group.

Here there are 4 levels of programming which changes on a weekly basis. These are templates that our coaches work from and cater for 4 different levels of client. From the total beginner to the experienced gym goer. 

However you may also choose 1-1 personal training if thats what you feel you require. 

Step 4: '6 week evaluation'

Every 6 weeks we evaluate all our clients. We measure how far their strength and fitness has come while also reflecting with the individual client what they need in order to further develop their fitness and health. 



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