3 Tips to finding a Personal Trainer

Personal Trainers in North Dublin are easy to come by...

But choosing the right one isn't as clear cut.

Here are a few tips on finding the right Personal Trainer for you. 

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The first thing that most of us will be looking at is location.

Therefore this article is designed to help you spot the personal trainer that will suit your needs in an area you can get to. 

Up in Dundalk I.T we currently lecture and deliver two modules:

Principles of Human Performance and Strength and Conditioning to students ranging from 18 to 45 year old mothers and fathers who have a huge passion for the industry and dream of making it a career.

Both of these modules are derived from a set standard in the coaching & personal training industry. 

We spend some time updating the students on the current state of the industry which from the outside seems to be thriving. However we ensure the students understand that having some principles as a coach goes a long long way to creating a fantastic coach. 

So here are a few of the principles and standards you should expect when choosing a Personal Trainer. 


  1. Rapport. 


This is one of the most overlooked aspects of choosing a personal trainer. 


Its overlooked as we live in a world now of instant gratification. Therefore we say yes to the first trainer who looks like they can get us into shape, just like they are. 


Take your time at this point. You are dealing with your health here.

A successful coaching relationship is one that is built out of communication and trust. 

If that is there you will feel vulnerable to tell your coach of x, y, or z. This is a HUGE factor in any relationship.

So, therefore, ensure that your coach spends some time getting to know you. 

In the industry we call this ‘the consultation’. 

This is usually a free consultation and I do thing it should be.

In fact for the personal training client I believe that this free consultation should happen every 4 - 8 weeks even while you are with your PT.

But thats a different story altogether and is our own personal training system. 


2. Price.

Personal Training isn't cheap.

The professional rate is anywhere from €40 - €60 per hour.  This can be split in group or buddy training with some of the more skilled personal trainers and make its more affordable for those who cant afford such a cost. 

However, if you find that your sessions are below this cost well then you are more than likely supporting your coaches hobby. 


Because personal training in its truest form doesn't stop at the end of the coaching hour.

There is a vast array of work to be performed in the background. 

Writing up personal training plans to be done from home. 

Scheduling exercise around your week with you.

Writing up personal nutrition plans.

Example: Giving you choices of what fits your diet in places like Costa, Starbucks and other places because you simply don't always have the time to meal plan. 

Also 1-1 sessions with a coach are extremely demanding and engaging for both parties.

Its personal as the name says.

So you if you are looking for the best out of your coach make sure its not a conveyer belt system them are using!


3. Professionalism. 

There is a gap between you and the coach. There are boundaries. 

This is vital. For example here are a list of no’s to avoid at all costs:

  1. If the coach is on the phone all the time during your session and you have to fish for attention. 
  2. The programme doesn't change on a weekly basis. 
  3. 2 The coach doesn't reflect with you on the training sessions. 'What did you like / not like?'
  4. Listening doesn't occur. 
  5. Your scared to be honest with the coach. 
  6. Coach is late on a regular basis! NOT acceptable. 
  7. They don't look for varied options for your needs.


Look for more than the 6 week course. Look for coaches that demonstrate continuous education. 

Surround yourself with coaches who demonstrate a range of skills. But ensure that you communicate your personal needs. 

Communicate that old knee injury you had. The surgery you got on your hip. The allergies you have. IF you are not comfortable providing this information. Then maybe that PT isn't for you.


Its your health. 

Slow down and take your time. 

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