Group Personal Training V's Personal Training

Unsure of where to start?

Anxious about walking into a new gym setting?

These are all common feelings that our clients had before they became members with us here at LB fitness.

They told us this within our  recent member survey. 

Why were they anxious?

Well firstly, to the outsider when they see 4, 5 or 6 clients working at once they immediately think 'class.'  

Then they think;

'Im not able for that'...

Furthermore, if its one to one PT they feel that the coaches wont listen to their individual needs and requirements. 

Or they think;

'Im not able for that'...

In this short post we answer a few burning questions you have about:

1. The group training model.

2. Whats the difference between Group PT and one to one PT. 

3. What does Group PT involve at LB Fitness? - What is the experience like?


GRoup training.png

The group training model.

A lot of gyms now recognise the strengths of Semi-private Personal Training (SPPT)  otherwise known as Group PT. 

However, to deliver a service of high quality that involves a high educated team like we have at LB fitness takes a team of experienced coaches and systems that provide the client with support and professionalism (Learn more about our Expert Coaches here)

A Group training experience which has the same experience as personal training and quality of delivery comes down to communication, interaction and teamwork. 

However, it is vital that the service is managed. Its vital that you are NOT in a group of 10+ people who have very little experience and don't have a clue about their own movement capacity.  (We work with groups of 6 max as we believe everyone needs some 1-1 time). 

You need to know WHY you are doing each exercise, why you have to do 'X' exercise which will get you 'Y. result.

What you can do for your lower back pain that will improve it. 

How to manage stress and training to maximise fat-loss. 

If your Group Training service has more than 100+ members and less than 4 coaches, well then thats not a Group Personal Training facility or service. 

Thats a class. 


So what is LB Group Personal Training (or LB club)? In Short:


'We do not provide classes!

We are a personal training service. One of which provides Semi-Private Personal Training (SPPT). In which we have more than 2 people in each session (capped at 6), but they are personal training sessions.' 

- Larry Brady (Owner)


'But how?...
Isn't Personal Training performed on a 1-1 basis?'


Let me explain how to spot the difference between "classes" and TRUE Group personal training session. 


Whats the difference between Group PT and 1-1 PT. 

What does 1-1 Personal Training provide?

1. Individualised exercise programming tailored on the day.

2. Tailored nutritional programming to the individual - changed weekly if necessary. 

3. Accountability inside and outside of the gym. 

4. Access to your PT whenever you have a question or need to sit down for a chat. 

5. Professional results-driven approach.


But at LB and our systems we have worked out a way to encapsulate that within our group training environment. 

What does LB Group Personal Training provide?

1. Individualised exercise programming tailored on the day. (by experienced coaches)

2. Tailored nutritional programming to the individual - changed weekly if necessary.    (Managed by Colm). 

3. Accountability inside and outside of the gym. (Larry)

4. Access to your PT whenever you have a question or need to sit down for a chat. (We have 4 coaches and max of 50 members at any one time)

5. Professional results-driven approach. (We set standards higher than other gyms when it comes to education and communication). 


BUT not every "SPPT Service" does this and here is EXACTLY why. 

Group Personal Training is considerably cheaper than 1-1 Personal Training.

Due to this gyms have to cram 100+ members into the facility in order to make a profit. 

They havent done their research on WHO they are trying to attract and what standard of service they want to provide and the systems needed to provide such service. 

(We have spent 4 years designing our systems, word for word from 2013 - 2017. )


It should feel EXACTLY like Personal Training

There are a LOT of personal trainers who will argue it's not possible. However, most 1-1 PT sessions are spent talking during rest periods. 

You see after a few weeks of 1-1 work... You do know what you are doing, somewhat.

Now and again you need reminding of what a DB 1/2 kneeling press is or what you need to do for your lower back pain during the warm.

Thats totally normal and you should always ask  the coach in the Group PT session. 

Therefore once you understand the general terms and what you require its time to think how you can make it a little more efficient, financially and Long-Term. 

But what about the motivation and outside support?


'You are hiring a coach - not paying for JUST that hour. Your investment is in a Personal Trainer and its vital that clients understand this. Your coach is there to get you results and help you manage your health and fitness. A coach is not a dictator however someone to guide you on your path.'  


A good Group Personal Training service provides a vast amount of outside support.

However do they have the systems in place?


What does Group Training involve at LB Fitness?

Here is what our members get and here is what you should look for if you are paying SPPT rates:

A. Free initial 1 hour consultation 

B. Series of Introductory Personal Training sessions depending on individual needs. 

C. Personalised Nutritional Programming + monthly Tweaks 

D. Exercise programming that suits your INDIVIDUAL needs (You cannot be doing the exact same as the person beside you. That's called a class, not SPPT).

E. Outside support - You are held accountable if you are not turning up. 

F. Measurable results - Bodyfat %, Strength markers, Fitness evaluations. 

G. Communication - your coach is YOUR personal trainer in and outside of the gym. Just like a normal 1-1 PT. So request that phone call or quick coffee if you need change or you are struggling. 

F. Training adjustments - New stressors like Changing job, stressful personal life require immediate programme adjustments are a must when we want to get results. 

H. 2-4 one hour Semi Private Personal Training  sessions a week that you choose from a timetable. (You can change the times at the last minute. 


What you are paying for is the service. Anyone can provide a good SPPT session. However remember this key point....

Personal Trainers cant Personal Train more than 25-30 people a week. 

Keeping a group of individuals on track to their goals is bloody hard work when done right. 

It involves a lot of engagement in and out of the gym. Thats coaching in its truest form. 

Therefore enquire how many Group PT clients they have per month. I firmly believe that a coach is maxed out at 25 clients (to monitor and devlier PT sessions). To keep all clients on the straight and narrow. After that it turns into number management, a class.

Thats why we have a strict policy of 50 Semi Private Personal Training members. Thats the number we will be capping at. 

We take on a max of 5 new clients per month in order to ensure they are settled. 

If you would like to know more or want a FREE Consultation or a short-term trial (no contract) don't hesitate to fill out the form below and ask for more information. €12.50 - €21.87 per Group PT class.  We evaluate progress every 8 weeks and you will have your very own PT driving you to results

Enquire now to avail of a Trial space and Free consultation. 


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