Why women need to lift weights

There are a few things that we now know as a society. 

  • Exercise is good for you and helps us lose weight.
  • Lifting weights lowers the risk bone breaks
  • Lifting helps us tone up. 

But how does lifting weights do this?

What do you do when running and walking stops working?

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1. Lifting weights promotes that body figure you desire.

Firstly when we lift weights we are working our muscles.

When we squat for example we create small tiny micro tears in the muscles that will, repair and come back stronger.

So during the squat like a back squat or split squat we are working the glutes, hamstrings and quads (thighs).

From here these muscles after being worked grow in density. They get stronger and in return look better. 

Remember that muscle weighs more than fat. So even if you feel the scale isn't moving consider this picture:

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Lifting weights & confidence. 

Lifting weights of any kind gives you a feeling of security.

What this means is after a few weeks of lifting weights you will feel yourself standing taller, more confident and simply more capable of defending yourself if you ever needed to. 

Men naturally have more strength due to a hormone called Testosterone. So ladies naturally aren't as genetically strong (although I know plenty of you ladies who are stronger than most men...).

To see your strength numbers increase will give you great confidence in seeing progress in your body and mind. Never underestimate the aspect that good programming and exercise gives you.

Why Cardio could make things worse.

Cardio is great. I used to be a distance runner for years and it was great for the mind and keeping my heart healthy. However. Injuries where commonplace. To run your body has to be strong first. 

Speaking from firsthand experience as a male who used to run 50 miles a week and train every day this routine caught up with me through a lot of injuries due to a lack of strength. Also, I can tell you that I most definitely didn't have the 'shape' most men had... 

So remember for those curves that you desire think dumbbells before runners!

You can eat more if you lift!

This is true. BUT make sure that you are lifting properly. 

One of the main benefits of lifting is that you grown lean muscle mass. This muscle mass is active tissue. Meaning it BURNS energy. I.E calories and fat. 

Thats why it helps get you results faster. But also you will get to a point at around 20% bodyfat (normal / average) were you then need to eat more. In fact for most clients starting off they arent even eating enough to have the energy to train...

Then at the weekend or midweek the end up binging on food and alcohol as their body is in starvation mode. 

Then as a result the bodies hormone make up things your starving it all the time. So when you do eat it tries to store as much of the food as possible as fat storage. 

Not a healthy way of living. 


Bone mineral density (menopause)

In Ireland we have very little sun. Meaning we are low in Vitamin D (try supplementing a Vitamin D in your diet). 

As a result of poor diet, low sun, smoking and alcohol consumption and lack of weight-bearing exercise females tend to suffer from osteopenia and osteoporosis. More than men actually. This is brittleness of the bones. Which heightens the likelihood of breakages.

The earlier in life that menopause occurs, the lower the bone density will be later in life. Low bone density is associated with a higher fracture rate, and several studies show a relationship between early menopause, oophorectomy, and an increase in fractures.

Pre and post natal

Giving birth for women is a natural process. One of the ways to make the process run smoother is to be STRONG. It makes it far easier at the time of delivery and lowers complications. Furthermore its a LOT easier to get back into exercise if you lift some weights.

We usually work with women right up to 2-3 weeks before the due date and they have been known to return to training within a few weeks.  Sleep and mood


How to start lifting weights - Ask an expert in the field.

1. Contact an expert who specialises in the above - i.e strength training.

Here are a few that I would suggest on the north side of Dublin that do Free consultations too:

Ourselves obviously 😉  www.lbfitness.ie





2. Start with the basics

Single leg work and single arm work. Split squat, single arm 1/2 kneeling presses, glute bridges, Ring row to name a few


3. Eat a breakfast

Protein based breakfast is best. Try 3 egg omelette or poached with some salmon. A lot of women under eat and therefore find themselves binging on high calorie dense foods like pizza or takeaways. 


4. Buddy up 

Its always easier training in a group. Or with a friend. We find our Group Personal Training is highly effective as you get that community feel and people know who you are in our gym.  


5. Train 2-3 times a week for best results. 

You have to put in some work. Don't go hell for leather. But at the same time you need consistency.  


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