5 steps to health

There seems to be a pattern to this fitness and health thing... But stepping back and understanding what process we offer to the client and pillars that we have to offer is vital. 

(3 minute read).

So,  from observing a lot of clients in their first few weeks of training there have been a few patterns that emerge. This sequence that we see seems to work best on the road to long-term health.

  1. Strength
  2. Fitness
  3. Set a goal
  4. Water
  5. Protein

So let's look at these 5 pillars that we have identified for the average client (including me...)

1. Strength

Building a basic level of strength (joint by joint) will have the client feeling more "connected" to their body. This is due to neuromuscular recruitment in body parts that haven't really functioned in a while. Giving the client what seems to be the experience of control which they may not have experienced in a while due to a sedentary lifestyle. #winning


Building a basic aerobic base is vital. Too many coaches insist on the HIIT model. Which consists of close to 100% bouts. Understanding where the client is at is important.

 The aerobic energy system allows the client to work hard but develop an ability to recover from training sessions (especially if they are heading to work - sometimes a HIIT format may not be the smartest idea when a client starts or has a very demanding job or family).

3. Set a goal

Within the first few weeks, the goalposts will shift. A client may enter with one goal but develop their main goal a few weeks in


They might have really caught on to the fact that they really like training now. They may now get enjoyment from doing x, y, z. So explore this.


4. Drink more water

This is habit 1 of 2 that are the most important to develop in our eyes. If all else fails you at least want your client hydrated enough so they're cells and brain can function at some kind of "optimal" capacity. 

5. Protein

If all else fails ensure that you're body is recovering. You muscles need amino acids which come from protein sources in order to mend and recover.

So ensure that you are having enough. 2 grams per lean kg of muscle mass is sufficient.

After 4 + 5 are mastered the rest can slowly fall into place


There is a lot more to it and this is not the path for you. It changes slightly for every single individual. However its vital you start somewhere and take it from there. If you would like to organise a FREE 15 minute chat with myself Larry or one of the coaches here just click here and enter your details. Also include as much information as possible so we can make your free strategy call as effective as possible . CLICK HERE

Larry Brady