Do you need to eat breakfast?

In this post we talk about:

  1. Eating breakfast
  2. Muscle Soreness
  3. 6 week transformations.
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1. 'Do I Have to Eat Breakfast?'

For some its a wonderful time of the morning. For others its a nightmare. Kids running around, trying to pack lunches or simply... You just like a good ol lie in.

Here are some tips for losing fat & breakfast:

If you are new to this exercise and health thing (doing it for less than 3 years) id suggest always eating breakfast. It lowers stress levels, gives your body fuel that it needs and puts you in a better mood rather than surviving on caffeine. 


  • You're not going into work on an empty stomach.
  • Choosing protein based helps rebuild muscle mass/muscle. 
  • You have a better idea on what to choose for lunch as you are not starving and craving sugar. 
  • If you are not used to eating anything in the morning and only taking coffee actually eating breakfast will get you out of starving mode and lower cortisol levels from hunger which is shown to lower belly fat.


  • Means you have to get up 5-15 minutes earlier (Just do it).
  • Might not know yet what to eat...

If you don't know what to eat download our FREE recipe book here: ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

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Muscle Soreness

Otherwise known as 'Doms'. Delayed onset of muscle soreness happens. Its when the muscle develops small micro-tears in them during exercise which is needed for the body to get stronger and tone up. 

Some Tips for Dealing with DOMS.

  1. It sounds horrific BUT. Do what you did (much lower intensity) again. Whatever movement got you sore will help to loosen out the muscles. The movement pattern you did (lets say back squats or split squats). Well then perform a few of the movements using just your bodyweight. 
  2. Take magnesium before bed. Its a fantastic supplement to aid recovery. 
  3. Eat breakfast... I.E recover with food. If you are sore all the time you need to recover with food & intake enough protein. 

6 Week Transformations

Im not going to rant because I dont think thats helpful. But here is my opinion on 6 week Programmes. 

1. You HAVE to learn on them. 

If you are doing and transformation its essentail that no matter what that you leave with a knowledge ten times great than you started. 

2. Individuailised Programming (Good coaching).

Everyone cannot be given the same programme and expected to achieve the same results. The doctor doesnt give everyone the same amount of dose of medication. Your body reacts to whatever stiumuls is put upon it. 

If you move poorly and you are doing poor squats for example your body is not going to like it and you will get injured

3. Fantastic for a Short period of time. 

High performing athletes understand that its about consistency all year round. Pre seasson traiining (ie you looking after yourself in the winter months) sets you up for success in the summer. 

Doing a 6 week programme will NOT reverse the damage done in a year. However it gives you an opportunity to make FANTASTIC headway. 



If the coaches systems dont centre you into giving you a great individualised expereince. Well you will feel lost. 

1200 calorie diets are plain stupid as you will pile the weight back on once the 6 weeks is finished. 


I think they are great for those who are exercising and want to jump-start their bodies or prepare for a wedding or event :D


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