Is Training With A Group Better For Your Health?

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Working Out Alone Or Working With A Group?

The Results Are Drastically Different.

Numerous studies show the importance of working out with people, either in a group setting, sports team or just having a gym buddy.


Unit 13 has always recognised the importance of environment when working out, which is why having a strong community and a good group dynamic is so important to us.

 If you’re thinking about joining a gym on your own, please check out the 6 points below on why working in a group setting would be much more beneficial.

1.     Accountability

If you workout on your own you may be tempted to cut your workout short, as you would be the only one who would know.  At first you might cut 5 minutes or shed 20 seconds off each exercise.  Next your cutting full exercises or full sets, then before you know it you’re not showing up at all.  When you workout with a group everyone will notice if you quit, so you’re less likely to do it.  This means you will get stronger much faster and the workouts will become easier.  Having this accountability will give you the push you need to achieve your goals. 

2.     Motivation

In a group setting, the trainer creates the workout but the group keeps you motivated.  It’s the collective determination that keeps you going.  You realise you’re not alone in your struggle, that there’s always someone who could be worse off but they’re still fighting, and winning.  Seeing others fight through the struggle motivates you to fight with them. 

3.     Health Tips

Chatting with individuals in the group can even help you to stay on track outside of the gym.  Use the time after class to share tips on healthy recipes, websites, podcasts or how you stay motivated during difficult hours.  People in fitness group classes always have the best resources.

4.     New Contacts

Exercise partners provide accountability, support, motivation and even some healthy competition, but not everyone has someone in their life that shares the same goals.  At Unit 13 you will easily be able to find someone who is on a similar journey, as everyone is there for the same reason.  You might need to join alone, but you won’t have to do the journey alone.

5.     Social Support

At the end of the day, humans are social animals and our need for interpersonal support is primal.  We crave company and the positive reinforcement of others, especially when doing something difficult.

6.     Identity

When you start getting to know those in the class, you develop an identity within the environment.  You recognise yourself as one of the team and it becomes easier to motivate yourself to attend each class.  You start going to classes for the social aspect just as much as the physical.

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