Master your Pull Up

So you lack upper body strength? In this article we give you a step by step guide on mastering your pull up!   NB. (4 Minute read).

It all use to be so easy.

We could jump walls, hang from monkey bars, fall and brush ourselves off. Now when we try to pull our chins up to that bar it seems next to impossible!

What happened?

Well we, or in this case you got older and your volume of physical activity decreased. Totally normal btw so don't worry.  Also as we grew from that young tender age we got a little bigger. So the gap widened of how much our muscles could actually lift.  

The benchmark of upper body strength is the pull up.

Hanging from a bar having the ability to pull yourself up to a bar. You even see some girls flying through them.

So what is it they have over you? They've trained with a proper programme. 

In this article i'm going to take you step by step through a general guide of how to get your first pull up OR improve the amount of pull ups you can do.

Before we start thought lets clear one thing up. The pull up is predominately a back exercise. So do FUll pull ups and stretch at the bottom. Its not an arm exercise per say.  

#1 - General Grip strength

If your strength is quite low the likelihood that your grip will last may be unlikely. So for that reason you need to ensure that firstly your grip is strong enough to last the demand. Remember that you are hanging your full bodyweight off a bar which is a lot with all considered. If you where to actually try to say bench press it, it would be quite difficult right.

But its not impossible as your back muscles are a lot stronger than the muscles you use for bench press. So make sure you are always working on your grip. Fat gripz are a great tool or else trying something like exercises like 'farmers walks' are a great conditioning piece. 

#2 - Lower down slow and get stronger twice as fast

Remember that a chin up and pull up are predominately back exercise so you need to stretch the latts at the bottom. This is when eccentric and contraction work go hand in hand. What you need  to perform is eccentrics (lowering down). Meaning you are going to jump up onto the bar, with your chin over the bar your going to lower yourself all the way down until your elbows go straight for the amount of time in the programme below. This however should be paired up with contraction work meaning that you should also be performing the full action with assistance work on a latt pulldown for example.

#3 - Tempo

Slow down your not a yo-yo. Remember that the more time you spend contraction your muscles the more work they get exposed to. Resulting in greater adaptation and FASTER results. 


Don't try and test every week. This is just madness. The minimum time you should spend on a specific training programme is 8 weeks. So make sure to put in the work first. There is no magic pill. Just hard work. So as the below programme highlights on week 9 you should be good to go considering you have done all the training and looked after your body. Remember. Training should be hard. Not easy. 



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