Training at 6am

Feeling as if training is a drag?
Struggling to fit it in?

Well, have you ever thought of training first thing in the morning?

FIRSTLY you are thinking:



Ok lets look at the benefits and the HOW. 

Some of the benefits. 

1. You are getting your training in before the working day starts. 
2. Nobody to distract you. 
3. You save 1 hour of your day. (Evening time drive to the gym / Traffic).
4. Better food choices throughout the day (more present after exercise)

What exercise to do at 6:30am...

Starting off focus on the routine. try doing strength exercises that focus on single leg work v's double leg work.

Its a lower stressor on the body and it allows your body to adjust to the training. 

Even something like an EMOM like you can find here in this home workout programme.

Nutrition - Caffeine / food at 6am

It takes a while for your body to digest food and utilise it. 

Therefore think of getting your food in the night before. Sometimes some carbohydrates before you go to bed will:

1. Help you sleep better.
2. Theyll be processed the night before and therefore be stored as fuel. 

The morning of:
Coffee is just fine. Americano or espresso is perfect. (have to consume it 30-40mins before the session is due to start for it to get into your system. 

Be warned however that make sure you are hydrating from the minute you get up. And don't expect to feel Rosie for the first few sessions. 


If you enter this with the mindset of 'it won't work.'

Guess what... Its not going to work. 

Tell yourself a story that is more interesting.

Something like:

'While Im in the gym everyone else is asleep.'  

'I can now positively effect those around me with the energy I've developed from this morning's awesome gym session'.

'I am ahead of those I meet today, I have an advantage.'

By the end of the workout you get to choose how you feel:

Sorry for yourself. 
Positive that you've just kicked some ass and are now ahead of everyone else you meet during the day. 

If you want some more mental benefits then watch the video of this post here:


Larry Brady