3 important tips for training in bad weather.

'When life gives you lemons...' 

The big snow of 2018 is here.

 In this 3 tip blog post we alter our tips so that even in times of bad weather you can still work on your health and fitness. 

Often times something like a snowstorm and a red weather warning will have us running around like headless chickens.  Pat the Baker and Brennan's share value has gone through the roof thanks to us Irish.

(Seriously, why so much bread? 🤣)

In this 3 Tip Blog Post cover:

  1. Shovelling snow and burning calories - Training
  2. 'Bread, bread bake' - Nutrition
  3. Figure out what really motivates you.
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1. Just shovel snow...

Exercising when the weather is bad for some of us comes with the excuse of 'Ahh the weather is too bad and I can't make it to the gym, i'll do it tomorrow.'

For most of us though we just want to look and feel good. 

So, the fact that it snowed this week and even Flyfit closed up shop, what can you do?


...Snowball fight or even better, shovel some snow.

Its all exercise. 

Work = calories out.  

No work = Needless Calories stored...

Sitting on your beeehind and not doing anything means zero progress and more than likely weight gain over a sustained period of time. 

Its not a threat... its just the truth of science. Try even an hour of shovelling the footpath to help out this fella...

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 16.02.46.png

2. Everyone lost the plot this week. 

So much bread was bought. But it begs the question, why do we go for the easy option?

At the end of the day, if I'm not mistaken we all have electricity and it seems like there is no chance of electricity shortage etc. 

So why not take the opportunity to learn how bake or cook a wholesome dish?

Getting fitter and healthier involves doing & learning. Dont always go for the easy option because easy gets you absolutely nowhere. 

So, when you have a little more time. Learn how to cook 1 dish this week. Or bake that bread yourself. 

Not bothered? Well, then what does that say about your health and fitness if thats your approach. 

This moves us quickly onto point 3.  >>>>>> What motivates you?

Really and truly we need to ask ourselves hard questions. 

Yes the weight isnt budging and its frustrating. Yes you are trying everything and its 10 weeks in. However, who are you doing this for?

Can you honestly say youve been following your coaches guidacnce to a tee?

If you focus on something bigger than you, thats what gets you to where you want to  be. 

Do you have family? Why not take control of your health and fitness for them. Why not raise your standards for them? Thus your around longer (due to lifespan), you become a leader for your family in relation to taking control of your health and wellbeing. 

They look up to you as you set the standard. It won't happen overnight but you have to dedicate yourself to something bigger than you. 

For example, my personal goal as a coach is:

I want to be the best Personal Trainer in Ireland while providing the best service in the industry.  Resulting in improving the standard of health and fitness for our country. Thus relieving the pressure on Irish health services for those who truly need immediate attention.

Now ask yourself what your personal goals are. 

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