3 Truths about the Health & Fitness industry

I love what I do.

Even on the longer days when sessions start at 6:30am and I'm not home until 10pm. 

Obviously, there is a break from clients in between there. 

However what has me coming back?

Furthermore, what has our clients coming back?...

3 Truths (1).png

I have 3 truths that I want to share  in relation to what i've found in this industry. 

I am always asking the question WHY. 

So should you when you are dealing with your health and fitness. 

Truth #1 - Social media is a funnel to change. BUT...

...be careful. 

There are countless opportunities on a daily basis where you are exposed/forced to think about your health and fitness. 

Social media has boomed in the last 10 years. So much so that Bebo no longer exists. 

But consider this: 
When you, as an individual post on any social media have you ever told the FULL story of that moment?

Consider the fitness "model" that you see on Instagram. 

Have they shared with you their own personal gene pool. Their genetic make-up and sporting background?

Have they shared the fact that they actually eat ice cream on the weekend...

That they have alcohol at weekends...

That they like stuff other than the gym.

The take-home point here being:

Ask HOW before you mimic or try to be like them.

Consider yourself as an individual. DO not compare yourself to a photo that has been angled over the course of 50 odd shots in order to get the right lighting. 

Truth #2 - It takes 6 weeks to become a Personal Trainer. 

Please consider that when you are making the leap to choosing a coach. 

What that coach asks you to do will impact YOU and your family, friends and social circles. 

If your coach says from day 1 'No carbs.' Or no drinking over the weekend. Run a mile. 

Step 1 for any PT is to build a rapport and focus on introducing good habits. 

Your goals should be long term. Therefore goals being set should be gradual. 

Focusing on building new good habits. 

Step 2: 
Start moving. Training remember release all those good endorphins. Those feel good hormones. 

Step 1 and 2 are building some positivity in your health and lifestyle. Through doing so I guarantee you are going to feel some kind of change in less than 2 weeks off training 3 times a week.  

Truth #3 - 'Nutrition is worth nothing'... But read the next line

Have you read this far. Do you believe that statement?

Be careful where you source your information. 

Even from me. 

Always ask the question why?

Im not a "guru" or an "expert". Im a proffessional that provides a health and fitness service who has 4 years education and 4 /5 years experience so far. 

In this case what I mean by the above point is that don't do the usual. 

Avoid picking up the diet books.

Learn how to move and train first.

Connsult a proffessional. 

You've already tried x, y, z. In fact 90% of PT's will meet you for a free consultation & movemement assessment first. Even then you will learn more than you ever have from any book. 

Unless you have an extremely bad approach to your nutrition think about firstly finding some form of training that you enjoy. 

Learn how to train properly. 

Understand that exercise releases feel-good hormones. 

That a good coach can show you how to make progress in every session by scaling movements to your needs.

So over the coming weeks, I will share with you 3 key tips every Friday with you to clarify what you need to do. 

How to approach:

  • Training
  • Nutrition 
  • Motivation 

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Take each tip with a pinch of salt and ask questions. 

Make your own decisions. 

But get one thing right. 

It is NOT going to happen overnight. 

Take your health seriously and look at it long-term. 

Seek professional advice. Even for just a short period of time. 

In the meantime keep an eye out for 3 tip friday .


Larry Brady