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(November 2018)

A lot of people scramble for the gym in January. Usually the January blues have hit… You feel guilty about most of December and you feel like your dragging yourself around.

The gyms are packed full of people that dont know what they are doing… Yet your there trying to just get going…

Thats not the way to do it. We all know it.

Listen to Mary’s story and then scroll to the bottom to see some of our results!


Hi i’m Larry.

What if I told you there was a way to enjoy Christmas and all its trimmings and arrive into January fitter than you have been in the last 6 months?

On this programme you will:

  1. Drop a jean or shirt size by Christmas.

  2. Learn to enjoy your nights our and not feel terrible about enjoying them.

  3. Learn to maintain the results over Christmas

  4. Bask in the feeling that you’ve enjoyed it and are one step of everyone.

  5. Firstly. Start the new year right by giving yourself the tools to achieve.

What do you get with this programme?

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Results for ALL ages and body types…

Larry Brady