Lower Back Pain

When it comes to your lower back everything you do hurts...

Sleeping, turning, sitting and even sometimes taking deep breaths. But Why?

In This article we discuss:

  1. Do you need to see a Physiotherapist?

  2. To rest or move...

  3. Stretch or strengthen

1. Do you need to see a Physiotherapist?

If EVER in doubt seek professional advice is my first piece of advice. However a lot of the time a lot of lower back pain comes about due to:

  • Sudden Change in activity volume/lack of activity.

  • Poor lifting technique.

  • Tiredness/lack of recovery.

  • Change in the amount of time you are sitting

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IF you have hurt your back by picking something up then I as a proffessional coach would advise to see a Physiotherapist. This is due to the 'unknown'. A coach can help with stiffness and soreness. But when an incident happens and its stil sore after 24 hours its always good practice to see someone who specialises in injuries. 


If you are sitting more or if its sore the day after or it comes on gradually then some of the videos found in our Video series on 'How to reduce and relieve Pain' Will help. 

Don't  make the mistake of masking it with pain killers! Bed rest may also make it worse unless advised by a physio!


2. To rest or move...

The worst thing you can do is sit and do nothing. Muscles get tight and sore when they are not being used or other muscles get tight and pull you into a different position. 

Try some dynamic stretching and just trying to develop a sweat at least. Movement helps. Hence why hot baths are advised as it increases blood flow. BUT you have to move safely. See our videos above for more details. 


3. Stretch or strengthen


The best thing to do is firstly get a sweat on. Muscles love heat and hate the cold. 

Prioritise stretching the hip flexors, glutes. Not the actual back. These are what get tight. 

How long to hold the stretch?

60s - 2 minutes on each muscle. So 2 minutes couch stretch on right hip then straight into 2 minutes glute stretch on the same hip (Again see the video series - its FREE). Then swap over and do the other. Try this for 2 rounds on each hip. 

Then Activate: 

Activate the core and glutes and hamstrings. This will help restabilise the new more mobile joints.

Try a circuit of:

Hollow Hold x30 seconds

Glute Clams x30s Right

Glute Clams x30s Left

Swiss ball hamstring curls x12


Its its still not working... IT may be your breathing mechanics. BUT that is a totally different article entirely.

We find that a lot of our members after their FREE consultation and movement assessment feel a huge relief in their lower back pain and pain in general. 


Because we know how people should move for their individiaul body types. 

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