Mindfulness and Self-Care 🧘‍♀️

For some it’s a bit of a buzz term. Another “fad”.

However its only become popular with the current state of mental health in our communities. Mindfulness and self care is a basic way of saying looking after your mental health and wellbeing.

A lot of the time I believe that the client is seeking a solution that may not be what they seek in the first place.

To elaborate what I mean is that someone enters a gym or personal training setting with the clear goal of ‘I want to lose weight.’

Mairead laughing and exercising

When in fact, when explored its not the weight thats making them unhappy. Its their choices and current lifestyle.

Yes of course we all want to look good.

‘if you look good you feel good right…?’

Yes of course.

However as a coaching team at Unit 13 what we want to do is ensure that you feel as good as you look when it comes to seeing the results and progress you’ve made over 8-12 weeks.

After all if you cant feel the positive changes you’ve made, well then why would you listen to somebody else who offers you a compliment?

What is mindfulness and self care?

To me its developing a self awarenes of the current state you are in. Ensuring to develop a state of being present. Focusing on the current task or moment at hand.

Sounds kind of like hippie stuff…

Its not really.

Its quite simple.

Working on having a sense of control over your own emotions prior to action.

(All in all it means you feel deadly… or present should I say!)

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When should I perform mindfulness & self care?


But if I had to pick a time I would say morning time and my personal activity of choice (AT THE MOMENT) would currently be 20 minutes of exercise. Even at 6am.

Because instantly blood is pumping around the body and to the brain carrying oxygen.

Its quite simple really, it also leaves me in a better mindset to tackle the day one hour at a time rather than getting caught up on a spiral of stress.

How to do it?

Try something for 3 weeks and see if it works for your. Then if you feel its not for you. Change it and try something else. Remember though you do have to do it for 3 weeks minimum!

So what we’ve done is we’ve put together some options that ive used and that ive seen other people use.

Why not try one today.

  1. Exercise (Morning can be the best)

  2. Headspace (app)

  3. Calm (app)

  4. Reading fiction before bed

  5. Turn off phones at 10pm

  6. Get a normal clock (not phone)

  7. Get a work phone as well as a personal phone.

  8. Walk at night time

  9. Cold water submersion (read up on this)

  10. Wim Hoff Breathing (Advanced but it works!)

  11. Counselling

  12. Plan your day & Achieve 1 KEY goal.

  13. Colouring book

  14. No coffee after 3 pm

  15. Design ‘Your day’ schedule. It’s YOUR day!

  16. N.B alcohol negatively affects sleep! Don't go into a deep sleep.

  17. Turn all lights down in evening. Low light, we’re meant to be asleep when its dark!

  18. Cook & Prepare food and put alarms on your phone of when to eat.

  19. Develop a nighttime routine.

  20. Embrace a loved one (touching releases good feel hormones) p.s it doesn't have to be THAT kind of touching.

  21. Be grateful. Write down a diary what you are grateful for every night.

  22. Give to others to feel better (originates from the chinese culture).

Which one are you going to try today?

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