It took 3 years.

Back when I did my leaving cert in 2008 (yonks ago), I took 3 months off my running career for my leaving cert. It was the worst decision I ever made.   (I was a distance runner for 8 years competing nationally while in 2007 competed internationally).

The result of taking that time off (3 months):

1. I lost all strength I had (capacity to walk upstairs without being out of breath)

2. My fitness turned to zero

3. I lost my abiilty to handle stress (this was the worst)

4. I started developing a belly (at 18!!!!!!!)

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So I went back running. During my leaving cert. 

How long did it take me to get back to where I was?

3 years. 

I was so weak I got injured again and again and again. But I got there. (A coach eventually pulled me aside and handed me 2 Dumbbells and introduced me to strength and conditioning - yes that was the catalyst for the job I do now).


Why am I telling you this?


So you can understand and accept the consequence of having to take time off training. 


Sometimes it happens. 


When I was moving house I was forced to take nearly 2 weeks off as I was back lecturing at the same time. But I exercised 3 times a week for 20 minutes a day which was a HUGE benefit. 


Because I had experienced the effect of what NOT training did to me before.  


If you have been consistent with training the last while you will notice progress in your strength, health and fitness. 

The reason for this post is to hopefully share with you what really happens when you stop exercising. 


1. Understand WHY. 

When you start a new fitness regime and you have ‘x’ goal. You need to be 100% aware of WHY you want to achieve that goal. 

That’s why we meet EVERY single member 1-1 as this is when we build the relationship and understanding of why the client wants to achieve their goal.  

How to understand WHY:

1. Think about how you will feel WHEN you achieve ‘x’ goal. How will it impact your life. Is it positive and happy or is it ‘meh I got there well done me’...?


2. Understand: When you do achieve ‘X’ goal  and if you don’t keep up 80% compliance with the exercise regime you set. YOU will end up back at square one.



Sadly your health isn’t like riding a bike. You can’t just throw it in the garage and then get back on it and cycle no hands down the road. 


You have to think about it now and again (daily really), cycle a little now and again. Keep the gears ticking over and make sure that the wheels have the correct tyre pressure.


So… ensure that you keep up with strength training and some fitness. 


One of the biggest drains on our health system here in ireland is people who are struggling with mobility (to get from a to b).


They cant move efficiently and some are stuck at home. 


‘That won’t be me, i’ll never let that happen’.


Ok good. Well then start today. 


Find exercise you like. 


Find exercise that will suit you. 


If the programme is NOT working then COMMUNICATE with me or a coach.

Have you followed the programme or is the prescription of the programme just too hard for now…?


You see sometimes people want to go to the gym for the ‘fun’, to sweat a little, to meet people and still look after their health and fitness without thinking ‘what exercise should I do in the gym?’


We look after all of that. 


However make SURE to work with us if you are currently a client. If its not working, communicate so we can change it. 


Do NOT say ‘Its fine’, because you’ll forever be unhappy. But if you're having fun and you love it, let’s continue. 


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