Personal Training over 30

In your 20’s its easy to go to the gym. 

Why? Because:

  1. You more than likely have no dependants (More time). 

  2. Your focusing on developing your career (You need to be in shape to impress…?)

  3. Trying to attract the opposite sex. (Physical attraction)

    The list goes on really…

Personal training for those over 30

But then it switches. FAST. 

You are no longer on the attack. Offence is not a term that concerns you. 

Now that you are a working driven professional your health switches to defence mode. 

Before you know if your health becomes a THING. 

You don’t have the time to go to the gym. Theres just too much going on. 

But what about when get that scare. 

What if you don’t find the time to look after yourself?


As a working professional, what if your desk was empty in the morning?

What if you actually had to claim from your health insurance? For a condition that you thought old people had.

What if your kids copied what you did as their role model?

To some they may read a short article like this and think: ‘Thats scare mongering’.

Yes it is. But its also the truth. 

The truth also is seldom spoken. 

I want to tone up. 

No you don’t. You tell yourself that rhetoric as thats all you know. 

What you really want to do is you want to live longer. Toning up would be nice yes… 

But you want to move without pain, live longer, feel as if you had more energy. 

Feel strong again. Feel as if you have some sort of control and regain confidence from your youth. 

Yes its always nice to fit into that shirt or dress…

But. Its nicer to be that role model and have that energy. 

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Larry Brady