Tips for Staying Motivated!

Whether you're doing a 6 week challenge, a regular program or you're looking to get started on a fitness plan - these tips will help get you in the right mindset so you can conquer anything.

Find Something That Holds You Accountable

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We say this again and again here at Unit 13 - in fact it's the main reason why we started the 6-week challenge. There is no point starting something you know is going to be tough, if you don't have a solid motivation to get you through the tough weeks.

Whether it's the peer pressure of having to update a whatsapp group on what you're eating everyday (like we make them do in the challenge), an outfit you want to look good in by a certain date, a health condition you desperately want to fix, or beating an old fitness target - find that thing that will get you through this.

Find the motivation that goes beyond the aesthetic. Find something that hits you to the core and tattoo it in your mind. Then when the tough days come, that thought will kick in and override any bad behaviours.

We all give up. We all have our bad days where we don't go training or we over indulge. We're human. Anyone who says they've never strayed from their goal is lying. But the difference between those who reach their potential and those who don't - is getting back on track.

Understand why the slip happened, forgive yourself and quickly move on.

Focus On How You Feel Not How You Look

You might lose some weight after 6 weeks, or you might not. It shouldn't be the main thing you concern yourself with. What's most important is how you feel. Do you have more energy? Does your gut feel better? Do you feel stronger? Are you lasting longer in the gym? Are you increasing your weights?

These are the things that really make a difference to your life. These are the things that really help you glow. Do you feel happier? Are you enjoying the process?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, you might need to have a look at your program - is it really benefiting you if you don't feel better?

Stop Judging Yourself

This is about you and you, no one else. It's your life, your journey. Where you are on the path is irrelevant, as long as your walking in the right direction.

So stop judging yourself. Stop wishing you were better, stronger, thinner, faster. You will get there. Be compassionate. All these negative thoughts don't serve you - they'll only make you crave sugar as a way to increase your mood.

Congratulate yourself on the smallest achievements. Every small step is a step towards a bigger goal. You are doing amazing! Look in the mirror and be kind to yourself. Catch your toxic thoughts and dispose of them.


The key to getting in shape is not expensive training programs or diet plans - it's just persistence. Fitness is just movement. So find a way to move that you enjoy, that you crave, that you can't live without - and do it consistently.

It all begins with a single step. Failure doesn't exist unless you let it.

Final Thoughts

Yes there will be tough days, there will be pain, it's not always going to be fun. But what you achieve in the end will all be worth it. So remember why you started, remember how much you want this and power through.

Write it on your wall and look at it every evening. It doesn't matter where you came from, what your background is, how unfit you think you are - the only thing that matters is your mindset. That's the only obstacle between you and your goals so keep checking your thoughts.

We're here to support you every step of the way.


Video Here

There are many many benefits to including yoga into your weekly health routine. The most obvious ones being -

  • Improved flexibility

  • Mental Focus

  • Injury Prevention

  • Improved Respiration and Energy

  • Weight Reduction

But there is also another huge benefit to yoga that will drastically improve your connection with food, especially when it comes to food addictions.

Yoga triggers the brain's reward and pleasure signals, the same ones that get triggered by addictive chemicals (such as sugar). It releases feel good chemicals such as dopamine.

Ace reports, "Yogis experience pleasures that are the same uplifting feelings derived from eating certain foods. As a result, yoga “rewires” the brain and reduces stress-related habits. When awareness is present, individuals are cognizant of their actions and relationship with food. The more “good” hormones that are secreted, the more positive the transition into healthier behaviors. Yoga connects the sensations of feeling good away from food and binge eating".

To read the full article, click below:

Link To Article


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