3 step plan to achieve New Year Resolutions

Personal Health & New Years Resolutions

Have you set New Year's resolutions before that didn't work?

Have you tried every diet under the sun?

Do you get bored of the same walking, running / Bootcamp routine that yields slow results?

When someone succeeds they leave clues. Why have they achieved their goal and you haven'? Its always the question we want answered. In this post we give you the 3 secrets of every successful New Years resolution we have experienced with clients, friends and family.

  • How to set goals
  • Accountability (how to find it and use it)
  • Nutrition - The correct nutrition plan 
  • Managing time effectively 

1. How to set goals & the timeline

Setting goals is a skill. Its not something that you verbally say out loud or that you write in a diary that nobody sees. 

Step 1: 

Long term goal: Set a goal that scares you. That you want. Never set a standard that is too low. Don’t worry about achieving it within 3 months. Set it for one two even three years down the line. This will give you fuel to always have something to work towards. The secret to getting there is consistent hard work. BUT remember there are medium and short term goals to achieve too!

Step 2:

Work back from that optimal goal you have. What would you be happy to achieve this year? 4-5kg of fatloss (some of our clients have achieved an average of 6+ over the course of a year). 

Then what would you be happy to achieve this month?


Step 3:

Focus on small goals that will lead to the medium. Like eating a protein based breakfast every morning, drinking up to 2 - 3 litres of water a day to help with hunger signals, reducing alcohol and coffee intake. Even by doing those 3 our clients have had aweseom results

Download your Free Goal Setting Template Here:

2. Accountability

Its simple. You need someone to hold you accountable. We had our parents growing up. We now have our boss in work. You more than likely have a friend who wants the best for you who gives you a kick up the ass when your messing around right?

Pair up with a friend. Join a training group like ours for 8 weeks so that you can leave the programme design, nutrition and accountability to a highly educated coach. 

Would you bring your car to a dodgy mechanic to check the breaks? so why not leave your health and wellness in a professionals hands? Even an online programme may work. 

I have my own Personal Trainer. I even have a business mentor who keeps me accountable. We all need a helping hand. 

3. The correct Nutrition "plan".

if you have skipped the first two points above to get to here you are REALLY going to struggle. Your diet may be an issue but food releases good feel hormones. If you are constantly chasing a diet plan yet not exercising you are fighting a losing battle. 

But why?

Because you need headspace.  We all love food and diet plans tend to ignite the idea of a "quick fix". There is no quick fix when it comes to your health and wanting to live longer and look better. 

Your body is designed to move. If you are in pain and sore all the time and your muscles are not working you are really going to struggle to burn fat. 

Our approach to nutrition is clean eating. Not calorie counting. Clean eating and eating often (4 times a day). 

Click here to learn everything you need to know about nutrition.

BUT you need to exercise first. Move and get into an exercise routine. Aim for 30 minutes a day on 5 days of the week. Make it a habit. Even better get it done in the morning before the kids wake up. 

Too tired to do it in the morning and struggling with motivation?

Here's a quick tip:

  • Lay all your workout clothes out on the floor ready to put on 
  • Have the capsule in the coffee machine ready to be turned on
  • Have your house keys and ipod ready at the door.

All of this reduces decision making. Routine and organisation  is the key to having to make LESS decisions and therefore lowering stress and choosing better food!

If you need more help with your goals we offer a Trial period for €97 for 2 weeks within our Personal Training system. Ensure that you have to tools like the ones my coaches give me. 

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